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A Guide To Glowing Skin - Part 1

Healthy Skin Starts From Within - A Guide To Glowing Skin From Naturopath Dr. Tanvi Tijoriwala

We all have all felt the frustration at one point or another - using so many products to help manage our skin, but without any success. So we wanted to take a deeper look at how to manage our skin, holistically. Are there any connections between external or internal factors and their effect on our skin?

To 'crack the code' to healthy skin, we have teamed up with a naturopathic doctor to answer all your questions about healthy skin. Dr. Tanvi Tijoriwala, ND is an Ontario based naturopathic doctor who helps people experiencing skin issues to feel safe and confident in their skin. 

We asked Dr. Tanvi to tell us all about the inside-out approach she uses in her practice to help her patients get clear and confident skin. Read on to find out more about her 4-pronged approach to healthy skin. 

From Dr. Tanvi:

I am so grateful for this opportunity to connect with the beautiful Iremia community. Usually, I start off talking about safe and clean beauty rituals. However, I know that if you are using Iremia skincare products you are already in safe hands.

So, I am going to skip the outside approach and jump straight to talking about nourishing your skin from the inside. 

Through my practice, I have come across so many men and women that feel defeated because of their skin issues. They feel embarrassed, conscious and depressed. They are tired of relying solely on skincare products that have drained their bank accounts and done nothing to help their skin. 

Whether they suffer from eczema, rosacea, psoriasis or acne, there is a four-step system I use to help them feel safe and confident in their skin. 

These systems are often overlooked when dealing with skin issues but they are the key to having healthy skin. These are the exact steps I take with my patients and I want to share them with you so you can love your skin as well.

Step 1: Mindset matters - the most important step in healing your skin is having a healthy mindset. Dealing with skin issues can be frustrating and can cause people to experience many mental health issues. So the first thing to work on is setting yourself up for success, mentally.

Step 2: Healing the gut - Many skin conditions stem from having a gut issue called “leaky gut” Just eliminating offensive foods is not the answer. Helping your gut digest and absorb the nutrients effectively is also important. 

Step 3: Balancing hormones - You have probably heard of testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. These hormones found in both men and women can trigger skin flare-ups and breakouts when they are not in balance. It is important to restore harmony to these hormones so they don’t negatively affect your skin.

Step 4: Beat the stress - Stress is a huge trigger for skin concerns considering our skin has cortisol (stress hormone) receptors as well. In today’s time, stress is inevitable. We juggle work responsibilities, home responsibilities, our social life, our side hustle and our health all in a short span of 24 hours. Stress cannot be avoided but it can be managed so that our cortisol levels remain in check and do not overwhelm our skin.

Next week, we are going to dive into step 2 which is healing the gut. I am going to give you some actionable steps to start the process of supporting your skin health and talk about factors that can cause leaky gut.  

If you have more questions for Dr. Tanvi, you can connect with her via instagram, through her website or set up a complimentary call with her through her Virtual Skin Clinic.