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African Mahogany Tree Bark: Nature’s revolutionary anti-aging ingredient

Also known as khaya senegalensis bark extract, this sensitive skincare ingredient is a powerful solution for aging, wrinkles, and fine lines.


Imagine everything you want an anti-aging skincare product to do. Now combine it into a single ingredient. That’s African mahogany tree bark extract. 

Also known as Khaya senegalensis bark extract, this natural ingredient improves skin elasticity, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and smooths out your pores. It also boosts collagen production and is proven to make your skin look and feel more youthful in just 28 days. (Yes—you read that right.)

So where does this extract come from and how does it work so well? Let’s dive in. 

What is African mahogany tree bark extract?

The African mahogany is a tropical tree traditionally found in West Africa. It’s known for being strong, stable, and some might say majestic. For centuries, African mahogany has been valued for its high-quality wood, soil stabilization abilities, medicinal properties from the bark, and—of course—its wide-spreading shade on a hot day.

In recent years, skin scientists discovered the extract from the tree bark could also stimulate collagen production. Collagen XVIII to be exact.

What is collagen XVIII and why is it important? 

Collagen XVIII is a type of collagen protein and a crucial structural component of your skin. It lives between the many layers of your skin to give them tone and strength. It’s also the only form of collagen that is present in all layers of your skin.

Collagen XVIII is known for binding and strengthening basement membranes, AKA your skin’s anchoring system. Basement membranes provide the foundation for strong skin tissue, structure, and function. But they need collagen XVIII to thrive—and to help with cell turnover and growth.

As we age, our body gradually stops synthesizing this form of collagen. The skin then becomes weaker, less defined, more wrinkled, and less smooth.

How does African mahogany tree bark extract boost collagen production? 

The extract from the tree bark is proven to stimulate the production of collagen XVIII not just on the surface, but down to the deepest, most foundational skin cells. In other words, it makes the skin stronger from top to bottom. 

At the same time, Khaya senegalensis bark is proven to strengthen the biomechanical properties of your skin. That means it improves elasticity, flexibility, and the skin’s ability to return with ease to its original state. 

And if that weren’t enough, studies also show that this powerful extract reduces pores, fine lines, and wrinkles in just 28 days.

Think of this ingredient like an anti-ageing toolbox—complete with all the benefits you need for more youthful, healthy, bouncy skin. 

Is African mahogany tree bark extract environmentally friendly?

In most cases, absolutely. But it’s always important to know where and how ingredients are sourced.

For example, the Khaya senegalensis bark extract we use at Iremia is vegan and Ecocert-approved. This means it’s officially certified as environmentally friendly, sustainable, and socially conscious. To make this possible, the harvesting of the bark is closely monitored in collaboration with local partners in West Africa.  

Long story short: We took our time to find an extract that was responsibly sourced and harvested, so you can feel even better about your glowing skin. 

What products have African mahogany tree bark extract in them?

At Iremia, Khaya senegalensis bark extract is one of our superstar skincare ingredients. It’s clean, all-natural, and best of all it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.

That’s why we put it in our superstar product: The Soothing Lotion. This calming and rejuvenating lotion is tailor-made for sensitive skin, from rosacea to eczema to general redness and irritation. It also contains ingredients that keep sensitive skin cool and comfortable, like aloe vera and shea butter. 

Bonus: Since this lotion is such a powerful anti-ager, our customers love to use it as a fine line eye cream as well. One of our missions at Iremia is to offer products that provide multiple benefits in one jar—creating less waste and promoting minimalism in your skincare routine

We have been truly amazed by the results of African mahogany tree bark extract and we’re so excited to share those benefits with our community. To learn more about our small-batch, Canadian-made sensitive skincare line, click here.