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How to Transition Seamlessly into a Skin Care Routine Fit for Fall

How to Transition Seamlessly into a Skin Care Routine Fit for Fall

As summer turns into fall, your skincare routine should transition as well, a change of season results in changes in the way skin behaves and appears. This can often result in dryness, irritation, breakouts, and a change in the overall appearance of your skin.

Where summer skincare is all about controlling oil and shine, Fall skincare is about repairing and protecting your skin. You don’t need to completely overhaul your skin care routine, but you do need to make some necessary changes, so here are some tips for ensuring a smoother transition into the fall season.

Repair Summer’s Damage
Certain skin types are more prone to increased sensitivity in the summer, the combination of heat, chlorine, and sun can cause damage to your skin that is important to repair come fall. Treat any sensitive, red or inflamed area with our Soothing Lotion.

Moisturize your Skin
Summer heat and humidity cause your skin to produce more oil, while fall's cooler, drier weather can strip skin of oil and moisture. Switching to a richer moisturizer will give your skin the extra hydrating boost it needs. Use our Protective Cream for any dry spots, or even as an overnight mask. After your nighttime routine, put your hair up in a bun, dab a thick layer of the Protective Cream over your face, and proceed to let the calm vibes flow. Wake up in the morning with soft, dewy and hydrated skin!

Add a Facial Oil
Where oil might have been the last thing you wanted in the Summer, with the drier weather ahead, you may find that a face oil is exactly what your skin needs. Add our Restorative Facial Oil to your skincare routine, smooth on before or after your moisturizer to strengthen your skin and for extra hydration.

Stay Hydrated
What you eat and drink is reflected on your skin, regardless of the season. Dryer climates demand more hydration during cold, fall months. That’s why it’s important to combat dry, weather by drinking lots of water to stay hydrated as the seasons change. Water flushes out toxins from the body and keeps the skin moisturized and soft.

Avoid Hot Showers
As much as it feels good to take a hot shower as the weather cools down, it can be really drying on your skin. Try to keep the water lukewarm in order to minimize the redness it can cause on your skin. If you do take those hot showers, try rinsing off with cold water to close your pores, pat the skin dry (don’t rub!), and finish off with a body oil to seal off the moisture.

Most importantly, listen to your skin regardless of the season. Our skin is always changing and it’s important to be attentive to changes in your skin and it’s needs. Dryness, breakouts, and irritation are signs that your body may need something or have too much of. Dryness and irritation can be from dehydration, being outside for too long, or the lack of moisture in the air as the season changes. Breakouts can be a sign of dietary changes, or maybe even a change in your skincare routine (more on this later!).

Overall, when the seasons change so do your hormones and just like how your body craves certain things in certain seasons (i.e. comfort foods in winter) your skin does too and adjusting your skincare routine is important. Introducing these tips into your skincare routine will help ensure the transition into fall season is as seamless as possible.

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