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How To Use Your Iremia Skincare Products

How To Use Your Iremia Skincare Products

How to Use...

Iremia Skincare was designed to meet the needs of your sensitive skin. Everyone’s skin is different and so our products are designed to be used in a combination that works for you. You can use one product at a time or layer them up based on your needs. Things like stress, diet and the environment can impact how your skin reacts and can influence the nutrition it craves. Try using them alone, or layer them according to your needs to find the perfect combination.

Here is a recommended routine to start you off:

Wash face with a mild cleanser of your choice. Pat dry.

    1. Soothe any sensitive areas with Soothing Lotion. It can also be used around your eyes, or any dry and itchy patches on your body.
    2. Nourish any dry or prone to dryness areas with the Protective Cream.
    3. Gently warm 2-3 drops of the Restorative Facial Oil on the tips of your fingers and massage over the face, going from the inside out.

 Did you know?

We love simplicity. Iremia products are also meant to be multipurpose. Try applying any one of our products to an area that could use a little TLC. Frizzy hair? Try scrunching our Restorative Facial Oil into damp hair. Eczema on your arm? Try a dab of our Soothing Lotion. Does your little one have dry skin after a shower? Try a pea-sized amount of the Protective cream.

By making our products multipurpose, we consume less which ultimately means less impact on the environment.

 Share your secrets. Tell us how you use Iremia products with the hashtag #myiremiaskin

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