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Motherhood and Your Skin

Motherhood and Your Skin

I remember there was a point in time where my skin reverted to it’s pre-pregnancy ‘glow’. It was inflamed, red and very angry. With a crying, colicky baby, managing my older son, in the middle of launching Iremia Skincare into the market and just complete exhaustion, I was wondering if I was going to survive it all. But I did, and here I am taking a moment to reflect on this journey.

Going through pregnancy and making that huge adjustment into motherhood is not an easy task. It’s tiring, it’s non-stop and a lot of times doesn’t come with a whole lot of praise! Your hormones change during those nine months, and after, and of course not to mention all of those other physical changes (think “oh my gosh I cannot see my toes!”).

Why do we do it anyway? For me, it was out of love. It was the same thing when it came to ‘birthing’ Iremia. All of the hard work leading up to it and the continuous, round-the-clock work with little praise (no one is going to be cheering you on while you get that label on the bottle straight, or finally get a formulation right!).

So it’s in those little moments of simplicity that I completely soak in and become thankful. The Restorative Facial Oil, our Award Winner, gives you this incredible glow while strengthening and deeply nourishes your skin. Massage a few drops onto your skin and inhale the beautiful scent of rose Damascena flower oil, sea buckthorn, rosehip, and camellia seed oil. The bonus? It works on baby too. I was so happy when it helped with my daughters' cradle cap after massaging a few drops onto her scalp post-bath!

When I open a jar of our Soothing Lotion and use it on my skin to calm and boost collagen, I breathe the faint scent of lavender oil, Manuka honey and calendula.

On those nights that are particularly moisture-robbing, I layer the Protective Cream as the last step. I really love having a simple, effective and nourishing routine. You don’t have to think too much, and just enjoy the feeling of the products as they go to work on your skin. That way you’ll have more time for yourself and baby too.

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