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Help Us Help Our Earth With One Tree Planted

Help Us Help Our Earth With One Tree Planted

We recently announced our partnership on Instagram and Facebook with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit focused on global reforestation.

As we continue to focus on creating beautiful products that help your sensitive skin, we are conscious about the impact on the environment and the shape it is in now. Our inspiration for everything we do is based on the beauty of this Earth, from the foods we eat to the ingredients we use for our products.

Nature makes us feel, calm, peaceful and at ease as well. So we will continue to use our reusable and recyclable glass jars despite the higher cost, unbleached kraft paper, and our recent switch to paper tape which is recyclable and biodegradable! We are not perfect, but we try to do what we can. Every little bit counts. Now you can make an impact too! By adding $1 to your purchase at checkout, a tree will be planted on your behalf in regions that need it the most. How amazing is that?!


Update (Aug 28, 2019)

If you would prefer to donate directly to the work One Tree Planted is doing in the Amazon, please visit

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