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The Story Behind Iremia Skincare

The Story Behind Iremia Skincare

“Creating something that would help me manage my skin has been a dream, and I hope that my products will help others in their journey to calm beautiful skin.”

 iremia [eye-ree-mia] = ηρεμία = calm, [noun: pronunciation kahlm, freedom from motion, stillness, tranquil]


The Background

Iremia Skincare was born from a place of calm and love. Our name is inspired by a little town on the ocean in Southern Greece where I had my honeymoon. Now every time I think of this place it evokes a sense of calm and stillness in myself. This feeling is what I needed in my life every day but something I struggled to attain for many years. I was living in constant stress, never understanding what it was like to feel a true and lasting release. I suffered from numerous health issues including allergic reactions that lead my skin to become inflamed with eczema and rosacea. Something was wrong, and my body was attempting to tell me truths that I wasn’t willing to listen to.


The Journey

During this time I didn’t know where to turn. I started to try everything including working with a naturopath, who made me aware that my body was in a constant state of stress. But still, during this time my body struggled to heal, leading to two miscarriages, and I was devastated. This, however, was a turning point in my life that began a holistic health journey. Through such suffering, I found a sense of strength to enable real change and the drive to move forward. In life, healing encourages more healing. As I began with a search for solutions to my highly reactive skin, I realized that healing my skin was simply a gateway to healing many parts of myself. I then started adding practices into my daily routine to like “me time” every morning to get ready, walk the dog, have a coffee or tea, and write in my devotion journal to start the day with a positive mindset before my kids get up, as well as making time to work out 3-4 times a week and decluttering my space consistently – these all are reminders to keep moving forward in this journey. It moves across all areas of your life. It is deeper rooted than any single manifestation. Through all of this I started to evoke a new sense of calm in myself, I began to shed the amount of physical and mental clutter I had been carrying all my life, and pairing this new lifestyle with calming skincare products as my daily ritual I started to find peace and a healthy lifestyle we can all achieve. 


Our Philosophy and Values

We believe in simple and effective skincare. You don't need a lot to make a big impact, so we decided to cull our routine and create a more luxurious ritual leaving you with soft, glowing skin. 

We hope to inspire busy, passionate women to evoke a sense of calm in their lives while encouraging them to make conscious decisions that will have a lower impact on the environment. Our products are also bottled in reusable glass jars that can also be recycled.

The entire collection is formulated with my family's skin in mind. The products are also certified by CertClean, meaning they are "free from ingredients that may pose risk to our hormonal, reproductive and or neurological systems, like talcum powder, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, and hundreds more". Everything has been personally tested on my reactive skin and never, ever on furry friends.

We look forward to contributing towards your journey of healing and hope to help evoke the universal sense of calm into your daily beauty routine.  

xo, Elaine

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