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The Importance Of Using Natural Skincare Products

The Importance Of Using Natural Skincare Products

Why it’s important to use natural skincare products

Iremia Skincare products are designed for sensitive and reactive skin, which is why we embrace an all-natural approach to our creams, lotions, and oils.  

A shift has been made in the skincare industry - it’s no longer a question as to whether natural skincare products work better or not, but why?

Here are 3 good reasons:

Limiting Irritation

Synthetic ingredients like polyethylene glycol and polypropylene glycol have been proven to cause hives and other allergic reactions. Other synthetic ingredients can even disrupt your hormonal system.

Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream, so by using natural products, you limit the number of synthetics entering your system. That said, natural ingredients can also cause irritation - everyone’s skin is different! So, it’s always important to carefully inspect the ingredients before applying.

Avoid Fillers

Some synthetic ingredients are included as a preservative to prolong shelf-life, like the polyethylene glycol mentioned earlier. Adding ingredients like this also stretches out the quantities in an affordable manner, so companies can increase their profits.

So, it’s not just about how the product affects your skin, it’s also about efficacy and the quality of what you put on your skin. With natural products that are focused on pure ingredients, you get more for each dollar spent all while causing your skin less potential harm.


When you wash your hands, bathe or shower, these products are going to end up going down the drain. That means if there are synthetic ingredients used in your products, it will end up circulating our water system. By switching to natural, you can have a smaller environmental impact and help lessen the waste that is washed away into our systems.

Also, Iremia Skincare products are designed to be multi-purpose. For example, you can scrunch some of our Restorative Facial Oil in your hair to combat frizziness. Using natural products that are multi-purpose limits your overall impact on the environment by reducing consumption and ultimately what ends up in the landfill or our water systems.

It’s Not All About Pronounceability

Some people say that if you can’t pronounce an ingredient or if it’s unfamiliar, then you shouldn’t be eating it or putting it on your skin. Scientific names on labels may be intimidating, but once you understand them, they’re not all scary!

For example, our Protective Cream contains caprylic/capric triglyceride. It’s hard to pronounce, but it’s just a fatty acid derived from coconut oil. This ingredient is ideal for sensitive skin because it absorbs quickly and gives the cream a smoother feel. Our Protective Cream also features lavandula angustifolia, which is the scientific name for natural lavender.  

In some markets, it is required by law to use the scientific name (or botanical name) on the ingredients list, which can make it difficult for most people to tell whether the product is 100% natural or not.  

In the Iremia Skincare Shop, each product has instructions on how to use, as well as a detailed list of featured ingredients outlining benefits, and a full list of the natural ingredients.

If you haven’t made the switch to all-natural skincare, now’s the time!

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