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Why You Need To Wear Sunscreen, Every Single Day.

Why You Need To Wear Sunscreen, Every Single Day.

How many of us love the sun? ☀️

We all know the benefits of getting enough vitamin D, especially during these darker winter days, but what is the effect on our skin?

According to the AOCD, the "sun damages the supporting fibers of the small blood vessels just under the surface of the skin, allowing the vessels to stretch out (become permanently dilated)", hence any flushing or redness for those with sensitive skin or rosacea.

I personally will flush even when I am driving in the car and the sun is setting.  So even though we don't get too much sun during the winter, it's still important to wear sunscreen. Every single day!

It's also important to find the right formula for your skin. Look for UVA/UVB protection (preferably a mineral one that contains zinc or titanium dioxide) in a SPF 20 or higher. 

Make sure you put it on early in the morning, after your skincare routine, and reapply during the day, even if it is cloudy and cold outside. 

If you can, always wear a hat. It's the best way to protect your skin from direct exposure to the sun. If you don't have a hat, limit your exposure from the sun, especially during peak hours.

If you find that you do get too much sun, try calming any redness with our Soothing Lotion. For a deeper treatment, place 2 to 3 drops of our Restorative Facial Oil with the Soothing Lotion and/or Protective Cream for a nourishing treatment. 

Leave a comment below if you DON'T wear sunscreen every day but know you should!

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