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Limiting ‘Trigger Foods’ Could Help Your Skin

When it comes to personal products, everyone is different! Same goes for food. Everyone reacts differently to certain things we eat. One of the things that led to the inception of Iremia was I needed to create a skincare product that made sense for me.    I found that my diet was directly connected to the health of my skin, so I started taking notes - kind of like a food journal. If you’re suspicious that your diet is causing irritation and breakouts, then start tracking anything you’re consuming.

The Importance Of Using Natural Skincare Products

Iremia Skincare products are designed for sensitive and reactive skin, which is why we embrace an all-natural approach to our creams, lotions, and oils.   A shift has been made in the skincare industry - it’s no longer a question as to whether natural skincare products work better or not, but why? Here are 3 good reasons:
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