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About Iremia Skincare

Iremia Skincare for sensitive and reactive skin.

 iremia [eye-ree-mia] = ηρεμία = calm, [noun: pronunciation kahlm, freedom from motion, stillness, tranquil]
Iremia Skincare is a Canadian-based, small-batch skincare line created by hypersensitive skin, rosacea and eczema sufferer, Elaine Li. Using our original formulas with natural ingredients, Iremia Skincare helps soothe and help manage sensitive skin, offering a luxurious yet conscious and calming solution for the entire family. 
Our Philosophy 
We believe in simple and effective skincare for sensitive and reactive skin. You don't need a lot to make a big impact, so we decided to cull our routine and create a more luxurious ritual leaving you with soft, glowing skin. Our name is inspired by a little town on the ocean in Southern Greece where our founder had her honeymoon, a place that is the inspiration for the name ‘Iremia’.
Our Values
Our focus is to use the most beautiful and calming ingredients to create products that work for you and your entire family. We are conscious about our impact on the environment, and work to decrease the amount of waste we use in our process. Our products are free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals and added fragrances and never tested on animals.
Our Promise
We will continue to create completely natural skin care in small batches without any toxic ingredients and harsh chemicals. With the utmost care when formulating, we will always be conscious in our entire process to keep your sensitive skin in mind, leaving you and your skin healthy and glowing.                  
Natural solutions and skincare for sensitive skin.



Iremia Skincare is CertClean Certified
 Our products are certified by CertClean - North America's standard for non-toxic skin care and personal care.

 From the Founder:

Ever since I was a teenager I had what I call angry skin. Skin that had eczema and rosacea flare-ups; that was dehydrated and raw; that would burn and become inflamed when applying “sensitive” skin creams – it was a struggle and was exasperated with stress, food and the sun. On the hunt for a solution, I would scour beauty store offerings, reading ingredients and testing new innovations. I sought the advice of doctors, dermatologists and estheticians. It was through the process of working with a Naturopath on lifestyle, dietary adjustments and self-education, that I was led toward natural products and holistic solutions. However, after investing in the trial of many brands, I still couldn’t find a solution that was able to relieve the redness, inflammation and burning I was experiencing.


The last straw came after I had used a product made overseas for children suffering from eczema that claimed to be all-natural but in fact was full of very strong steroids after being tested by an independent third-party lab. I needed a solution that I could trust, that was transparent about their ingredients and desperately wanted to help those who also had highly reactive skin like mine.


I enlisted the help of a local formulator and poured all of my career knowledge in the beauty and skincare industry with her personal experience to create Iremia Skincare. As the first-hand tester, I can confidently say these products provide the holistic relief I have been seeking after all these years. My skin has never been happier and it's a joy to be able to share these products with my young children as well.


The name “Iremia” was chosen because it is the Greek meaning for “calm’. It also pays homage to where I had her honeymoon and the essence of the brand is truly reflected in the stillness that came with that trip. Like the name suggests, the brand’s main purpose is to be a natural solution to calm your skin while leaving it comfortable, healthy and glowing. Iremia Skincare is made locally, ethically and with care to assure quality.





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