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Our Reviews

Read what our customers are saying about our products. Made for sensitive skin by those with sensitive skin.
Based on 194 reviews
Soothing lotion

Absolutely wonderful lotion. Very calming, hydrating and moisturizing. My skin feels like a rose petal.

So Refreshing

This is one of the best mists available. So gentle on the skin and it smells beautiful. Really helps hydrate the skin.

Soothing and moisturizing

I have tried other cream after using the first jar of the lotion. anothing else really moisturizers my oily combo sensitive skin as well as this product. I a little goes a long way for me. This jar will last me 8 months. It soothe my dry patches and is great under make up. There is no need for me to try other creams. I use this day and night time.

Great night time lotion

I have been using this for several years and keep buying more!

So hydrating and refreshing!

I suffer from dry and sensitive skin, especially in the winter. Ever since I started using the Soothing lotion and All Calm Facial Mist, I cannot tell you how much better and more confident I am starting to feel about my skin. I can really feel the lotion penetrate deep into my skin leaving it feeling more hydrated. The Facial Mist is super refreshing, I also love the smell. Both these products have helped me keep that hydration and moisture throughout the day. Highly recommend!

My cold weather skin saviour

This rich protective cream is perfect for colder months when your skin is exposed to wind and cold weather. i use it over my soothing lotion if i'm headed outside. And sometimes I apply a layer over my soothing lotion at bedtime too if my skin is feeling dry. one jar a year gets me through the winter months - highly recommend!

Worth the spend, especially for my husband!

I've always wanted to try the entire line including the facial mist, so I grabbed the entire line when the sale was announced. Shipping was fast and although the products are in small containers, you don't need to use a lot. I'm hoping it will last for a while. I mostly also bought this for my husband. My husband has very dry and sensitive skin. When he gets overwhelmed and stressed, his face starts to get red and irritated. He doubted it at first because we've tried everything out there! I have been spraying the mist and using the protective cream on him for about a week now, and he is now a believer! He loves the smell of the mist and says he feels super relaxed when I place it on him. He said his face feels so soft and smooth! And his dry patches and red irritation is slowly fading away. I use everything else but the protective cream as I have sensitive but combination normal/oily t zone area skin. I personally haven't seen any difference yet but I will definitely continue using them!

So happy to have found this

This product is like my little spa escape every evening. The scents and texture are so calming and delightful, I honestly apply these products (mist, cream & oil) and close my eyes for a minute and breathe in the scent. It's become my version of self care for a few minutes after a busy day with my kids. I had severe skin issues about a year ago and was worried about trying anything new, it's been about 5 weeks of using the product and I'm really happy with the results. Grateful for Iremia products!

Why didn’t I find this sooner

I have been using this skin care line for 3 weeks now and my face feels and looks even and glowy. I break out easily and I am also cautious with trying new skin care products, but this one has kept me hydrated and comfortable without a reaction. I am
Grateful to have discovered Iremia ✨

So comfortable

I have used this cream when my skin is feeling dry. Don't usually have issues with dry skin but as I age, I am 74, my skin needs help sometimes. My go to cream!

Trial Pouch

An excellent way to try the products - I wanted to make sure my annoyingly sensitive skin wouldn't react, and that these would do what was promised. Great news, doesn't take a lot of product to see the results. The products smell amazing, are excellent for managing my skin, and yes - I bought the full size products so now I can keep the trial pouch in my purse.

Miracle in a jar

I have been using the soothing lotion for about two years. Although I do not have skin issues this lotion makes my 74 year od skin look amazing! Gives my skin a firmness and clarity I haven not seen since my 40's. Firmness and wrinkles are greatly reduced and skin looks overall very healthy! love it!

It's definitely Iremia...

I've been using the beautiful products made by this company, and my skin has never looked better. The skin/facial oil is 1000% better than any face oils sold at Sephora, including the very, very high ends. The protective moisturizer is perfect for your hot summer days and incredibly excellent on cold front days. The mist is another product I enjoy using morning, and at night, it just gives a fresh feeling of added goodness to your skin. Iremia has replaced all my skincare except Sunblock. I will keep my eyes peeled for more launches.

Love it!

Rich and nourishing as promised! Perfect for dry skin during colder months

Soothing lotion

My skin loves this lotion!!! This will be my forever all- season lotion!

A Lovely Product

I love this product and use it in the morning after applying Restorative Oil and then as a stand alone mist whenever I want to relax and refresh my skin during the day.

Love this soothing lotion

I will definitely use this products forever I really love it , my face texture is more fine and the itchiness its all gone now. Thank you Iremia. Definitely my forever skin care products

100% satisfaction

I bought the soothing lotion and the facial oil and after more than two weeks of using it day and night, I will definitely use this products forever I really love it , my face texture is more fine and the itchiness its all gone now. Thank you Iremia. Definitely my forever skin care products

So hydrating, but light and fresh

During the summer months, I've just been using this and I can see and feel that my skin is so hydrated without feeling heaving. I just use this and then put on my SPF BB cream. If I don't use it, my face is sometimes too dry and when I apply the BB cream on, you can see the dry patches, but with this, it goes on so smoothly. I love it! I also use the spray on my 4 year old as well and she loves it too!

Best hydration mist I’ve used

I love this product! I can’t believe how well my skin has responded to it. It’s perfect for hot humid days. I pretty much just mist and sun screen because it’s enough to moisturize my skin.

I’m so happy to have stumbled on these products.
Thank you!!!

Soothing cream

It’s an amazing product and I have been using it for the last year. I have a very sensitive acne prone skin and this product works wonders. I love it . Thank you !

been using for 5+ years

there is nothing else like this lotion
i keep going back to it because it’s been so good to my skin
like everyone mentioned - the scent the texture and the softness
i use this on my face and my toddler who’s 3 and she loves the scent too. we both have sensitive skin and it’s perfect all season long. i will keep using this since it has changed my complexion for the better and over the years even though i’ve tried other organic lotion this one is still always my go to.

Love this sensitive skin care line

I have been using your products for sensitive skin for approx. 6 months. I love your products. I haven't had a skin breakout since I started using it. Plus it makes my skin feel soft and smooth. It hasn't diminished my wrinkles and I wish you also had an eye cream. I do use the soothing lotion under my eyes but don't know if it's appropriate for the eyelids.

We're incredibly thankful for your support and glad that your skin has been thriving with continued use! The Soothing Lotion can be used around your eyes as it does help provide support for age-related concerns, allowing for a more streamlined routine. We hope you continue enjoying the products and we're here if you need any help with how to use the products!

Love this skin care collection

My mature, very dry skin has dramatically improved with continued use of these four products. The Restorative Facial Oil is simply amazing! I also use it on my dry hands over the dry winter months.

A very calming and spa-like mist

I love a refreshing face mist during the warmer months, and this is easily one of my favourites!

My skin is combination and tends to get oily in the summer, so I have to be careful about which products I use. The All Calm mist is gentle, light, and 100% non-greasy. On days when I'm rushing to get ready, I just spritz this on my face and slap on some sunscreen haha. But it's enough moisture to keep my skin feeling hydrated. It's also nice as a mid-day refresher for the skin.