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Read what our customers are saying about our products. Made for sensitive skin by those with sensitive skin.
Based on 170 reviews
Great products!

The calm mist is the best! My skin feels instantly refreshed. I have very sensitive skin and been using these products for over a year and feels great!


I bought the trial pouch for my husband to try for his facial skin. He has suffering from extreme skin dryness and itchiness. He has eczema and the cold, Canadian weather has somehow aggravated it.

Husband noticed an improvement from the very first time he used the set. Actually, he felt his skin soften with just the calming facial mist on day one. But since he used every single item in the Iremia pouch, just a few days of using it has visibly reduced his skin redness and itchiness especially on his forehead, cheeks and eyelids. The very delicate and mild scent was also a plus because our family cannot stand any harsh smell from synthetic fragrances.

I even used all four products on my 7-year old's face which also gets so dry that it does get so rough and itchy for him.

I'm definitely buying the full-sized products!

Saved My Skin

My skin has always had a mind of it's own but since using the Iremia line, my skin is less "angry", softer, and just more comfortable. The oil is my absolute fav. I will keep buying it!

Calms and soothes my sensitive skin like nothing else i have tried

I've been using the Soothing Lotion for over a year now, and my skin is completely different. No redness, that tight, inflamed feeling is completely gone and only i know how sensitive my skin is now.
I cannot be without this.

So Happy

So happy with my new Iremia products! My face is loving all of them! I am
Definitely going to be buying again

Love it

I use this on dry areas of my face. But also on my hair.


My skin so so dry in the winter. This is amazing as part of my hydrating routine. Great under moisturizer or for later in the day when feeling dry. I highly recommend this


I love all the products from Iremia. Dont know how I manged before I was introduced .

Ever since last summer (2021), I've been prone to having allergic reactions on my skin. I have no idea how this came to be (long Covid? psychosomatic? growing older?), but it used to be that my skin was really tough. I come from a place that gets super cold and dry in the winter, so I was used to lots of dry skin, but not much else. Now, if I let my skin get dry, it becomes unbearable – it gets so itchy and red, and can take weeks to heal. This is an issue now that it's winter, although this did happen last summer and fall, when I had allergic reactions to new sunscreen and pillow case fabric :(

Anyway, I bought this Iremia trio after the Xmas holidays, when I was suffering from several dry spots on my skin: in the corners of both of my eyes, both corners of my lips and around my nose. Although those areas still are a little dry, using these three products have helped immensely and the spots are at least no longer red or severely itchy. These products really work and the rest of my skin is also very nice and soft :)
The only detractor is that they are lightly scented – one of lavender and the other two of rose (water?). I'm used to unscented products and, while the scents aren't overly strong, I kinda wish they didn't smell at all. Anyway, just a preference of mine – the products do work so I will continue using them!

Restorative Facial Oil

I simply love this product. I actually use a 4 step regimen using your products twice a day. After cleansing my face, I use your All Calm Facial Mist and while still damp, smooth on your Soothing Lotion followed by the Restorative Facial Oil. I have extremely sensitive skin and react to many products that are supposedly made for sensitive skin. That doesn't happen with Iremia Skin Care products. I just love how my face looks and feels.

Soothing for sensitive skin

Love the restorative facial oil! I bought it to layer with my moisturizer during the cold winter months. I especially loved the smell when I first purchased it but this time around I couldn’t smell the lavender I believe it was . I also have sensitive skin and it is very soothing. Recommend this lovely oil.

Good Product!

I like Facial mist, creams and facial oils best because I have sensitive skin and after using them for half a month I found my skin very shiny and not red.If I need any advice I would like to change the packaging of the sprays because I can't see how much is left at all.

Beautiful skin care

i love all the portions of this product. I do not have sensitive skin but it makes my skin even better!


An absolute must-have in my daily skincare routine! I have sensitive skin and eczema and I’ve tried many many products over the years, but nothing soothes my flare-ups like the restorative facial oil. This bottle stays on my bathroom counter because it’s always in use! Highly recommend

the best for sensitive skin

i use all 3 all year round! love the oil after the lotion or cream. i use the lotion everyday and the cream during the winter. i use it on myself and my toddler. sometimes i massage a little bit of the oil on my hair and it’s so amazing. i’ve been a loyal customer for 4 years i will continue to use iremia because it’s been incredible for my face!

Excellent for winter time.

I've mostly been using this on my hands but sometimes cheeks when outdoors a lot and it is really helping my dry skin in those areas.

quality ingredients

I have oily, combination and blemish prone skin. I bought this set hoping to calm my skin and I think I am starting to see results after 3 weeks. At first I made the mistake of transitioning my skin care products too quickly. My skin had to get used to the new products. I like the toner and the soothing lotion. I use very little of the lotion. I find that a little goes a long way, or else my skin will get too oily. I use the facial oil occasionally at night and only use a drop. I definitely like the soothing lotion more because it makes me skin less oily. I love the scent!

Love it!!

A delicate, soothing moisturizer, that shows results with rosacea within the first week of using. I use the soothing lotion in the morning and before bed, leaving my skin feeling soft and hydrated (not greasy). Love love love this product! Would highly recommended!

Very simple yet so effective!

I have used my fair share of facial care products over the years.
Iremia tops them all. I felt the difference after the first couple of uses. My skin just seemed healthier and sure enough I saw this with continued use. I feel like the products have repaired years of damage. My once oily and constant shiny skin is history plus I don’t even have to use makeup anymore. Thank you!!!

Love it for daily use. It is great for my sensitive, rosacea prone skin which has increased with the stress of Covid-19. I have tried many creams and this is the first I would truly recommend

This facecream is very nourishing and protective, I have tried many over the years and this is great for my extra sensitive skin and rosacea

Better than the Spa

I purchased the soothing lotion for my friends and received some samples to try as well. I absolutely love the facial mist, the soothing lotion and the facial oil. All THREE items will be on my Christmas list this year - better than any spa experience.

Love these products! Been using them for a while and they are so luxurious and moisturizing. I sometimes have trouble with Rosacea and these creams really help keep my skin calm.

Happy so far and considering purchasing again

I tried this because I was tired of the many many bottles & lotions I was using in my skincare routine and wanted plastic-free packaging & non-toxic ingredients.
... I'm a few weeks in and my skincare routine is simpler, I still feel like I'm getting enough moisture for my skin and the scents are subtle. The price point is a little high for me so I'll see if it's doable long-term but for now I'm very happy trying this.


The perfect set to give these amazing products a good try. My sensitive and super reactive skin loves these products, and yes, I did end up buying full sizes. The soothing lotion is my fave.