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Our Reviews

Read what our customers are saying about our products. Made for sensitive skin by those with sensitive skin.
Based on 228 reviews

Absolutely LOVED this product! Hands down one of the best yet!!!! ***** stars from me, over and over!!

Smells so good

It smells SO good and I can’t wait to try it out!

Very smooth and calming

I like to use this iremia soothing lotion after using chemical exfoliating, it calms my irritated skin and hydrates.
It also smells amazing and feels so good on the skin.

Perfect for my sensitive skin!

I've been using Iremia for about two weeks now after traveling. Planes can really dry out your skin but Iremia really helped hydrate my sensitive skin!

Combination & Sensitive | Calming Essentials Starter Set

I am not one who generally will leave a review however, felt these products deserved a rave!!
I have not been using the Combination & Senesitive/Calming Essentials Starter Set long, but WOW...what a difference already.
My skin feels so soft and smooth, not oily and greasy like some of the other products I have tried. I have very sensitive skin sometimes within a couple uses of other products I would have reactions, not with these products.
I believe I have FINALLY found my forever skin producs.
I had also emailed inquiring a recommendation from them on a face cleanser and they responded so quickly and kind enough to give a couple recommendations. From ordering product from this company to receiving it was an incredible turn around time (shipped out same day as I ordered, and believe I received within a day).
Overall....fantasic experience all around!!!

Love this lotion!

I loved this lotion. The smell is delightful and it is a great balance of nourishing but not too heavy. It really cleared my dry skin and it felt luxurious!

So nice!

It’s so luxurious feeling!

Enjoyed it

Really enjoyed the smell and texture!

Very smooth

It is nice and smooth, absorbed quickly and has a light scent. Love that I can use this on myself and on my babies without worry.


I really liked the scent and texture. It was very creamy but not too thick.


Makes the skin on my hands feel amazing.

Very nice

Light on the skin but extreamly moisturizing!

Loved the packaging

I really liked the packaging, and the glass container.

My sensitive skin is happy!

I love your product. The Soothing Lotion is so fresh and soft. My sensitive skin is so happy. The texture is amazing and smells so good. I love how my skin looks and feel after used. I don’t have any allergic reaction. It’s feels soft and healthy. I recommend!

So soft!

The scent was pleasant and very calming. The lotion left my skin feeling soft.

So Soothing!

Smooth and worked fast.

It works wonders

I enjoyed the feeling the product does to my skin. My skin was noticeably softer and less irritated as compared to other products. I highly recommend!

Very soothing

It's very smooth and smells good! Very soothing on my skin.

Love the natural scent

I like that the Iremia soothing lotion is not oily and isn’t scented. I personally can’t handle perfume and smells so this lotion is perfect.

Incredible lotion for sensitive skin

This lotion is amazing. It's not too oily and it's just right for my skin!


Such an amazing hat. Great coverage against the sun. Easy to cart around and loved by just about everyone that sees me wearing it.

Light feel face sunscreen

I have only used the sunscreen twice but very light feel and a little goes a long way so it should last a while. No issues so far with a skin irritation. Another good product from Iremiacare!

All Iremia products

I find all products really good. This is why I continue to purchase. I will not change.


I've tried so many products from extremely expensive to the cheapest and everything in between. Ive been struggling with alot of redness, dryness and discoloration for the past couple of years and gotten to a point where I couldn't put anything on my skin because it hurt so much however, I gave Iremia a chance and it's honestly been lovely! It's hydrating and feels good on my skin. It's only been about 2 weeks since I've started using and so far things are going great! Elaine has been absolutely lovely to communicate with and has entertained all my questions and concerns. I'm very happy with my purchase and highly recommend if you need something soothing and hydrating to get your skin nourished. Thank you!

Beautifully scented and extremely smooth to the touch new soothing lotion and restorative oil from Iremia Skincare!! These products have the most luxurious feel and leave my skin ultra-smooth without feeling oily and sticky. I absolutely recommend these to everyone trying to up their skincare game!