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The Nara Jade Facial Roller

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A facial roller made for an Empress.

Soothe your skin, reduce puffiness, and promote drainage with this cooling jade facial roller. 

Known for increasing circulation, detoxifying properties and lymphatic drainage, our Nara Jade Facial Roller is the perfect addition to your beauty ritual. It's a great solution to help release facial tension and help increase elasticity, giving your skin a natural and relaxed glow. Pair the Nara Jade Facial Roller with our Restorative Facial Oil for increased absorption. 

Also much heavier in weight than most facial rollers, you won't need to put much pressure to feel the effects of the Nara Jade Facial Roller during your routine.

As there are natural variations in the stone, each jade roller is unique in pattern and colour.  Each Nara Jade Facial Roller comes with a cotton drawstring bag for storage.

Our Nara Jade Facial Roller is named after the first Empress of the Qing Dynasty, when the use of the jade roller was first used as a ritual to maintain natural beauty and healthy skin.   

Please note that each Nara Jade Facial Roller is individually packaged and sealed for hygienic reasons. 

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