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Best Face Cream in the CertClean Beauty Awards - The Soothing Lotion

Best Face Cream in the CertClean Beauty Awards - The Soothing Lotion

We are so proud to announce that our Soothing Lotion won first place in the Best Face Cream category from CertClean! What's even more incredible is that our Protective Cream took second place in the same category. Both products are incredibly moisturizing, calming and touts multifunctional benefits leaving it an easy choice when it comes to deciding on what staples to use in your skincare routine. 

The Iremia Skincare Soothing Lotion is CertClean's Best Face Cream for sensitive skin.

When we were first dreaming of products for our hyper-sensitive skin, we wanted to focus on creating something that could comfort, moisturize and also be gentle enough for your delicate eye area. By combining soothing ingredients like calendula, Manuka honey and aloe with active ingredients like African Mahogany Tree Bark extract, we came up with the Soothing Lotion.  With a velvety almost yogurt texture, the Soothing Lotion helps soothe and calm the warmth often associated with sensitive skin, leaving it comfortable and moisturized. It also helps improve skin elasticity, stimulate collagen production and smooth out fine lines, pores and wrinkles. It is an all-in-one multitasker, leaving your skin subtle, fresh, and radiant. 

Award-winning face cream for sensitive skin, the Iremia Skincare Soothing Lotion

 Our Protective Cream took second place for Best Face Cream, and how fitting! It was the second product we created. As a part of our minimalistic approach to skincare, we wanted something with a thicker texture, almost balm-like in order to help our dry skin in the winter. It also provides an extra layer for deep nourishment, especially at nighttime and creates a barrier to protect our skin so it could heal itself, preventing even more moisture loss. It was the perfect fit, especially because you could combine it with our Restorative Face Oil for a decadent treatment for your skin. 

Iremia Skincare Protective Cream for dry, sensitive skin.

What's even more wonderful about these two products is that they can be used on your entire family. Formulated while Elaine, our founder, was pregnant, they are safe, natural and gentle for your sensitive skin and entire family while providing effective results. 

To celebrate, we will be sending out an All-Calm Face Mist with every purchase made on our website for the remainder of the month. Limited quantities will be available!




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    Iremia Skincare

    on April 22, 2020 09:37

    Hi Jan! The Soothing Lotion contains anti-ageing benefits and helps with fine lines, smoothing out wrinkles and pores. You can read more details on our product page

  • avatar
    Jan Lindsay

    on April 22, 2020 09:15

    are these creams anti aging?

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